Major Accomplishments

United States Dressage Federation Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist

Mary and Rochambeau

2010 13th Place Nationally - USDF Horse of the Year, 3rd Level Open

2010 1st Place / Champion - USDF All Breed Awards, Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society, 3rd Level Open

2010 CDS HOY and USDF Region 7 Qualified at 3rd Level Open

Mary and Tango

2010 1st Place / Champion, CDS HOY, 2nd Level Open

2010 2nd Place / Reserve Champion, USDF Region 7, 2nd Level Open

2010 3rd place - USDF All Breed Awards, Friesian Horse Assoc. of North America

2009 3rd Place - USDF All Breed Awards, Swedish Warmblood - Grand Prix Open

2009 CDS HOY qualified at the Grand Prix Level

2008 11th Place Nationally - USDF Horse of the Year, Intermediare II Level

2008 CDS HOY & USDF Region 7 qualified at Intermediare II Level

2008 CDS HOY & USDF Region 7 qualified and competitor at First Level, client horses

2008 2nd Place - USDF All Breed Awards, Swedish Warmblood - Intermediare II Open

2007 Successfully competed own horse in the High Performance division at the Prix St Georges, Intermediare & Intermediare Freestyle levels, averaging 66% overall and finishing 22nd in the division

2007 CDS HOY & USDF Region 7 qualified at Prix St George & Intermediare I

2007 1st Place/Champion – Flintridge Dressage, Intermediare level freestyle

2007 1st Place/Champion - USDF All Breed Awards, Swedish Warmblood - Intermediare Freestyle Open

2007 3rd Place - USDF All Breed Awards, Swedish Warmblood - Intermediare Open

2007 2nd Place - USDF All Breed Awards, Swedish Warmblood - Prix St Georges Open

2006 4th Place – USDF Region 7 – Prix St Georges Open

2006 6th Place - CDS HOY Prix St Georges Open

2005 Competed at Prix St. Georges with own horse

2005 Competed at Training & First Levels with clients’ horses

2004 CDS HOY & USDF Region 7 qualified at Fourth Level Open

2004 2nd Place - USDF All Breed Awards, Swedish Warmblood - Fourth Level Open

2004 30th Place – USDF National HOY standings - Fourth Level Open

2003 3rd Place - CDS HOY - Third Level Open

2003 3rd Place - USDF Region 7 - Third Level Open

2003 2nd Place - USDF All Breed Awards, Swedish Warmblood - Third Level Open

2003 CDS HOY & USDF Region 7 qualified at First Level Open, client horse

1999 1st Place - USDF All Breeds Awards, Holsteiner - Training Level Open

1995 1st Place/Champion - USDF Region 7 - Second Level Amateur

1995 2nd Place/Reserve Champion - CDS HOY - Second Level Amateur

1995 CDS HOY qualified at Third Level Amateur

1994 CDS HOY & USDF Region 7 qualified at First Level Amateur

Training Philosophy/Methodology

Through classical training methods, Mary imparts on both her horses and riders a confident, relaxed, and harmonious partnership. These methods encompass the gradual progression of skills, physical and mental development, and continual review of the training scale in both daily and long term work.

Mary's own philosophy has evolved from her experiences and education. She has consistently worked with top level instructors who have drilled home the importance of a correct seat and effective aids, as well as the patient development of the horse. She has found consistency in the training methods shared with her, and has achieved success with the horses she rides and the students she trains by following those methods. In addition to her regular instruction with Steffen Peters, she also takes advantage of clinic opportunities such as working with Conrad Schumacher twice per year, and educational events such as the CDS & USDF symposiums, and is currently enrolled in the L (Learner's Judge) Program. Mary continually works at expanding and honing her own skills, and therefore is able to bring the methods imparted to her by some of our best riders and instructors into her daily lessons and training sessions for her students. She encourages her students to ride in clinics and participate in various events which broaden their personal experiences, and bring home consistent themes in their own work. There is ALWAYS more to learn!

For the riders, she emphasizes a correct seat in order to deliver effective aids and communication. Many of her riders spend a great deal of time with lunge / seat lessons, and have made wonderful breakthroughs that their horses immediately let them know about. For the horses, she encourages responsiveness to subtle aids, and daily work through the training scale relative to their level of accomplishment at that time. While working up the levels, the horse and rider should never lose sense of the most basic requirements. A grand prix horse should still be able to perform a stretchy trot and simple trot-canter-trot transitions as easily as he can do the very difficult extended trot-passage-piaffe transitions.

Mary also encourages her riders to cross-train. She has found yoga to be extremely complimentary to riding dressage, creating a quiet, relaxed state of mind, and a supple and strong body. As most of her current students are Adult Amateur professional women, Mary understands that riding time can be limited while sitting behind a desk and in the car can dominate their schedules. Yoga is an additional way to achieve harmony with horses. Mary also continually works together with each student to determine and assess short term and long term goals, making the most of their often limited time.

Most importantly, the horse's welfare comes first. Skilled veterinarians and farriers are used, in addition to chiropractic/accu-pressure care, and educated saddle-fitters. Mary will question training challenges or sudden changes in a horse by first addressing any possibly physical causes such as dental, feed, soreness or injury. Caution and patience are taken to address these challenges.

Feel free to contact Mary Kehoe directly at for more information on her training philosophy.

Continuing Education

Current instruction with Steffen Peters, current US Equestrian team member and champion, Olympic team bronze medalist, World and International level competitor, trainer to current and past US Equestrian Team members, International and National level competitors.

Annual training clinics with Conrad Schumacher, trainer to international competitors winning gold, silver and bronze medals in Olympic, World and European championship.

Past instruction from Volker Brommann, licensed trainer, close working association with Klaus Balkenhol, current US Team Coach; training students through the FEI levels to awards and medals.

Past instruction from Gerhard Politz, licensed trainer, popular clinician and successful competitor; many successful and medal winning students.


Awarded the Hans Moeller Scholarship from CDS – June 2005

Demonstration rider at CDS Convention Jan. 2005 – Debbie MacDonald

Demonstration rider at CDS Convention Jan. 2003 – New Test Symposium

Multiple CDS Pomona Chapter award winner

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Mary Kehoe and Ascension

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