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To reach the top level in any sport requires not only the extreme dedication of the athlete herself, but also the support of an entire team around her:  family & friends; coaches & colleagues; medical and therapeutic care providers; and of course, a financial network to make it all happen.

The equestrian and Olympic discipline of dressage is no exception.  Dressage is the systematic development of the horse as an athlete, supple and strong.  Dressage is also the building of a very close relationship between the horse and rider, working together through nonverbal communication, the horse performing willingly to almost invisible physical cues, appearing as if mentally linked to the rider.

Dressage can be easily related to the sport of figure skating.  Success requires top performances in a compulsory routine which will then qualify the horse & rider to the finals.  The finals consist of a freestyle routine (or kür) which is an individualized program set to music.  The music is selected so that the beat matches the horse’s footfalls and is choreographed in such a way that the horse and rider pair appear to dance together to the music while performing technically and physically demanding movements and combinations.

As this is truly a partnership, expenses include not only the care and development of the rider, but moreover, the horse.  The progression to the top takes many years; our Olympic team horses are often 12-18 years old after having been started on their journey somewhere around 3-5 years of age.  The development is mental as well as physical to produce a top performer.

I am seeking your assistance in my reach for the top levels of dressage, possibly representing the United States Team some day.  My goals require more intense and frequent training with our top international riders and coaches, more competitive outings at internationally recognized events, and on going top care for my current horse, Rochambeau.  More information about my journey with Rochambeau is contained within my Profile.  While he and I will go on to compete and be recognized at the top level (the Grand Prix) of our sport, future endeavors to make the U.S. team and compete abroad will also require the backing of a full sponsorship on a new and international quality horse.

I thank you for your consideration and assistance.  I look forward to having your join my team and my journey!


Go Mary Go

Mary Kehoe and Rochambeau
Photo Courtesy of Emma Haas

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